Chip Faircloth, EVP

INTERVENT International Welcomes New Client: FollowMD

Savannah, Georgia (April 28, 2023) - INTERVENT International is proud to welcome FollowMD as a valued new provider client in Canada. FollowMD has partnered with INTERVENT to provide affordable, evidence-based, lifestyle management and vascular disease risk reduction telehealth services to help patients lead a healthier lifestyle and lower their risk for stroke and other cardiovascular conditions.

Under the leadership of world-renowned neurologist, Dr. Richard Swartz, FollowMD is a virtual specialty clinic providing innovative and accessible long-term care and follow-up to patients residing in Ontario, Canada. Patients include those who have suffered a high-risk vascular event (e.g., stroke, TIA, peripheral arterial disease, hypertensive disorders of pregnancy). FollowMD is not a primary care provider; rather its specialist physicians work closely with each patient’s primary care team using a model of virtual care that makes it more convenient and easier for high-risk patients across Ontario to see specialist doctors. Studies show that closer follow-up can help such patients better achieve target goals and lower their health risks. The FollowMD approach embraces innovations in technology, behavior change and medical treatments to optimize long-term brain and heart health.

FollowMD patients can now access an array of INTERVENT’s credible, trusted and proven online resources, which include personalized goals and care/action plans, interactive behaviorally-oriented online and audio educational modules and meal and exercise plans. Healthy recipes, tracking tools and the ability to sync remote monitoring devices (such as activity trackers, Bluetooth scales, blood pressure monitors and glucose monitors) are also available for both digital and telehealth one-on-one coaching programs. INTERVENT’s evidence-based coaching programs are integrated with the recommendations of the FollowMD care team and provide patients with additional support, motivation and accountability between doctor visits. INTERVENT also provides group webinars for support and guidance.

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Founded in 1997, INTERVENT International is a physician-led, behavior change and population health management company that provides its credible, trusted and proven services primarily via digital and telehealth approaches. INTERVENT develops, licenses and provides evidence-based, technology-enabled, data-driven programs for the prevention and management of multiple chronic diseases and cost-drivers. INTERVENT’s programs have been proven effective for widely diverse groups of individuals in more than 120 published scientific abstracts and manuscripts, including randomized and independently-conducted clinical trials published in prestigious, peer-reviewed scientific journals. More than two million individuals have participated in INTERVENT’s programs, including patients from over 140 medical centers as part of four multi-center stroke risk reduction clinical trials funded by the National Institutes of Health and the Patient Centered Outcomes Research Institute. INTERVENT’s digital/telehealth coaching program is also currently being used by all participants in the Canadian Diabetes Prevention Program.

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