Chip Faircloth, EVP

INTERVENT International Welcomes New Client: MCI Onehealth Technologies, Inc

Savannah, Georgia (May 2, 2023) - INTERVENT International is proud to welcome MCI Onehealth Technologies, Inc. ("MCI") as a valued new provider client based in Canada. MCI is collaborating with INTERVENT to provide medically-supervised weight management programs to its overweight and obese patients, especially those who are candidates for prescription weight loss medications. At the same time that eligible patients begin taking prescription weight loss medications under the supervision of their MCI doctor, they will start to implement INTERVENT's comprehensive digital and telehealth lifestyle management and behavior change coaching programs. INTERVENT's evidence-based coaching programs are consistent with applicable expert clinical guidelines. The programs include personalized meal and exercise plans, stress management techniques and other behavioral/psychological interventions together with ways to monitor and manage cardiometabolic risk factors, such as prediabetes/diabetes, high blood pressure, abnormal cholesterol levels and high triglycerides.

Obesity Canada has defined three pillars of obesity management that support healthful eating and regular physical activity, as follows: psychological and behavioral interventions, weight loss medications and surgery for weight loss (bariatric surgery). Healthful eating and regular physical activity alone, while essential components of long-term obesity management, tend to yield weight loss of only three to five percent on average. A three to five percent weight loss can result in meaningful health benefits. But when healthful eating and physical activity are combined with psychological and behavioral interventions and certain weight loss medications (e.g., semaglutide), individuals tend to experience weight loss of 10 to 20 percent on average. This results in added health benefits.

MCI is a healthcare technology company focused on empowering patients and doctors with advanced technologies to increase access, improve quality and reduce healthcare costs. As part of the healthcare community for over 30 years, MCI operates one of Canada's leading primary care networks with approximately 280 physicians and specialists and serves more than one million patients annually. Additionally, MCI offers an expanding suite of occupational health services.

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Founded in 1997, INTERVENT International is a physician-led, behavior change and population health management company that provides its credible, trusted and proven services primarily via digital and telehealth approaches. INTERVENT develops, licenses and provides evidence-based, technology-enabled, data-driven programs for the prevention and management of multiple chronic diseases and cost-drivers. INTERVENT's programs have been proven effective for widely diverse groups of individuals in more than 120 published scientific abstracts and manuscripts, including randomized and independently-conducted clinical trials published in prestigious, peer-reviewed scientific journals. More than two million individuals have participated in INTERVENT's programs, including patients from over 140 medical centers as part of four chronic care management-related multi-center clinical trials funded by the National Institutes of Health and the Patient Centered Outcomes Research Institute. INTERVENT's digital/telehealth coaching program is also currently being used by all participants in the Canadian Diabetes Prevention Program.

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