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eBen Selects INTERVENT as New Nationwide Chronic Disease Prevention and Management Telehealth Partner

INTERVENT to provide innovative digital/telehealth coaching solutions to employees with, or at risk for, diabetes and other chronic diseases

Savannah, Georgia - March 15, 2022 - eBen, a privately-owned consulting and brokerage firm with offices throughout the U.S., has selected INTERVENT International as its preferred nationwide provider of a comprehensive suite of technology-driven behavior change and population health management solutions.

Following successful initiatives with multiple employer clients, eBen has partnered with INTERVENT to enhance its nationwide solutions for the prevention and management of multiple chronic diseases and health-related medical cost-drivers, especially diabetes. As part of the collaboration, eBen's employer clients can now take advantage of INTERVENT's unique set of innovative digital/telehealth programs to improve the health of their workforce while simultaneously:

  • reducing healthcare costs
  • minimizing disability
  • enhancing employee morale and productivity
  • optimizing longevity and well-being

INTERVENT's programs have been proven effective in numerous studies published in peer-reviewed scientific journals and are currently in use by patients from over 130 medical centers in the U.S. and Canada as part of large, prestigious, government-funded clinical trials.

Living out its motto, "Credible – Trusted – Proven," INTERVENT is a physician-led, global, behavior change and population health management company. INTERVENT develops, licenses and provides effective, evidence-based, technology-enabled, data-driven programs for the prevention and management of multiple chronic diseases, thereby helping employers address their medical insurance cost-drivers. INTERVENT's live one-on-one digital/telehealth coaching solution successfully serves small, medium and large employers using a turn-key virtual approach to service delivery.

INTERVENT's participant-facing online application provides comprehensive one-on-one, personalized, chronic disease risk reduction solutions as part of a single, integrated digital/telehealth platform. In addition to the many customary lifestyle and condition management services, the eBen/INTERVENT relationship will feature game-changing diabetes prevention and management services. To provide a world-class comprehensive offering proven to help individuals live more successfully with (and, in some cases, even reverse) diabetes, INTERVENT's diabetes management solution includes an innovative fully-integrated offering that combines:

  • INTERVENT's nationally accredited telehealth diabetes self-management education and support services program -- one of only a few digital/telehealth programs to receive national accreditation by the prestigious Association of Diabetes Care & Education Specialists
  • Intuity Medical's POGO Automatic®, the first and only FDA-cleared, One-Step™ Blood Glucose Monitoring System with 10-test cartridge technology that ends the need for separate lancets and separate test strips. This innovative monitor helps remove barriers to testing by providing individuals with a more convenient and discreet way to test -- anytime and anywhere they choose. Press Once. GO!™ Their Patterns® for POGO Automatic app syncs data from POGO Automatic, providing more value from every test.

Dr. Neil Gordon, CEO of INTERVENT International, said: "The chronic disease pandemic remains the leading cause of premature death, disability and escalating healthcare costs. What is clear is that, in the era of COVID-19 and beyond, chronic disease prevention and management services are taking on even greater importance and must be viewed as essential for employers and their employees. We are extremely excited about teaming up with eBen to leverage our respective best-in-class capabilities to drive positive health behavior change and reduce chronic disease risk and adverse consequences in an unprecedented manner."

David Smith, senior vice president of eBen, said: "Together with INTERVENT, as a credible, trusted, proven partner, we believe eBen has developed something truly unique in the market to assist our clients with better understanding and managing their medical spend. In addition to their very effective comprehensive health improvement and chronic condition management services, INTERVENT's leading edge services for our members with diabetes is truly special and exciting. We are delighted to be working with INTERVENT."

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eBen is a privately owned consulting and brokerage firm established in 1999 and is one of the largest benefit consulting firms in the Southeast. Growing by providing their clients specialized attention to benefit financing, design and integrating strategies and point-solutions and the best-in-class compliance services, eBen has over 5,000 small to medium clients throughout the United States. eBen has offices throughout the U.S. including, South Carolina, Maryland, Colorado, Florida, two offices in Georgia, three offices in Virginia, five offices in Tennessee, two offices in Texas, and twenty-eight offices in North Carolina. Its headquarters are in Fayetteville, North Carolina and Dallas, Texas.

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INTERVENT International is a physician-led, global, technology-driven behavior change and population health management company that provides its services primarily via digital and telehealth approaches. INTERVENT develops, licenses and provides evidence-based, technology-enabled, data-driven programs for the prevention and management of multiple chronic diseases and cost-drivers. INTERVENT's programs have been proven effective in more than 120 published scientific abstracts and manuscripts, including randomized and independently-conducted clinical trials published in prestigious peer-reviewed scientific journals. More than two million individuals have participated in INTERVENT's programs, including patients from over 130 medical centers as part of two recent multi-center clinical trials funded by the National Institutes of Health. INTERVENT's digital/telehealth coaching program is currently being used by all participants in the Canadian Diabetes Prevention Program.

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